Why Patreon?

Being an Independent Artist is incredible, it gives me the freedom to have complete control of my creative process.

However being an Independent Artist is scary, all the costs of Recording and Touring are fully on me and it is extremely costly to Record an Album, Tour and Make Music Videos.

So I decided to use the Patreon Platform to give My Fans a way to Support My Music.

The Patreon Platform has been an amazing way for me to offer Benefits and Experiences as Thanks for Your Support.

I am truly enjoying Making the Patreon Exclusive Monthly MP3s, Behind-the-Scenes-Videos and Monthly Mailings. I look forward to sharing more Benefits and Experiences with you, as well as offer you more Merch and Collectables here in my Patreon Store.

I am so grateful for this Community of Support, 

please know you are Deeply Appreciated.

Thank You for stopping in to my Patreon Store,